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    Welcome to 6th Grade reading and writing for English Language Arts (ELA)!

    My name is Libby Hammond.  I started teaching in 2000, after graduating from Brigham Young University in Utah.  I taught until my second child was born, choosing at that time to stay home as a full-time mom.  When my youngest child (#5!) entered kindergarden at Desert Sage, I began substituting at the school.  I loved the school and enjoyed being back in the classroom so much that I decided to go back to teaching.  I love being at Desert Sage and I feel fortunate each day when I walk through the door to teach such amazing students!  I'm looking forward to a great year in 6th Grade!!  


    This year, we will be using the Collections textbook/student ebook.

    During Virtual Learning, the student text is embedded within the lesson.

    For online access when classes start back at Desert Sage:

    Log in to the portal (Links to an external site.) then locate/click on the "HMH Curriculum Resources" icon/tile.

    You may need to click on the "MORE" tab on the left side to locate). 

    Next, click on the student ebook. 

    You can enter the required page number in at the top/center of the black band where it says "Go To Page," then hit enter.

    You are also able to listen to the audio, if you prefer.   

    Just click on the microphone on the left toolbar. 

    When a page is completed, you must hit the right arrow to advance and click on the audio for each new page.



    Libby Hammond, M.Ed.