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    The letter writing unit is in full swing. We mailed off the friendly letters last week and now are doing research on the states that the students chose for the Great Mail Race. Hopefully we will have them mailed out early next week. The only book report project this year is a cereal box. Students read a biography of someone famous then decorate a full box of cereal. Then all of the boxes of cereal will be donated to a food bank. This is due April 26th.

    Reading is broken into themes. The fifth theme is  "Making Your Voice Heard." We will be reading short stories that are fiction and nonfiction and poetry all having to do with people making a difference. Your child can always bring home the Houghton - Mifflin - Harcourt Collections book any time. They just need to bring it back the next day. If they forget to bring home a book below are instructions how to use the online book. I hope this helps.



    Login Instructions

    Student Login:

    1. The student’s username will be Dv.[Novell username].

    Most student’s Novell usernames are first initial, middle initial, first three letters of last name, and last three numbers of ID#.

    eg. Michael Samuel Jones would be: Dv.msjon789

    2. The student’s password is his/her Student ID#.

    3. All usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Make sure the “Dv.” is placed in the right spot.

    Good website to practice for the AzMerit and Deer Valley ELA.  It is free. I have signed up all of my ELA students under my account.
     If you would like to download a book on your device, please email Mrs. Goulette for the code. You may only download on one device. Only download one collection at a time since it takes up a lot of space. 
    Any questions or concerns you have please e-mail me. It is the best way for me to get back to you as soon as possible. I do check my e-mails at home.  If a phone conversation is needed please call me. You can also write me a note in your child's planner.
    Please cut and turn in any Box Tops. We get $.10 per box top. This adds up. If you have any relatives that live in the Phoenix area ask them to save them too. My class last year earned the school $310!