• Clifford 
    Read to your children.
    Twenty minutes a day.
    You have the time
    And so do they.

    Read while doing laundry.
    Read while dinner cooks.
    Tuck a child in your arms
    And reach for books.

    Hide the remote.
    Let the computer cool.
    Let your children hear good stories
    Before going off to school.

    Read in the morning.
    Read over noon.
    Read by the light of
    Good Night Moon

    Turn the pages together,
    Sitting close as you'll fit
    While a small voice beside you says,
    "Hey, please don't quit"

    Read to me riddles
    And read to me rhymes.
    Read to me stories
    Of magical times.

    Read to me tales
    About castles and Kings.
    Read to me stories
    Of fabulous things.

    Read to me pirates,
    And read to me knights,
    Read to me dragons
    And dragon-back flights.

    Read to me spaceships
    And cowboys and then
    When you are finished
    Please read them again.

    Image result for pizza hut book it clipart This year your child will have the opportunity to participate in the Pizza Hut BookIt reading incentive program. This program runs October-March. Students will fill in a monthly reading log (sent home at the beginning of each month) and when it is filled-out, signed, and returned they will receive a free coupon for a personal pizza and add a sticker to our classroom tracking poster. It is a simple, yet fun way to help foster the love of reading. Happy Reading!!!