Dress Out and Participation Requirements:

    1.    REQUESTED PE UNIFORM:  All students will wear Grey t-shirts and Black athletic shorts and/or Black leggings for class on a daily basis.  Students will need to write his/her name on shorts and t-shirt. 

      2. All students are encouraged to dress out for every activity day in P.E. Students must honor the District Dress Code.  Students wearing sundresses, skirts, sagging jeans, spaghetti straps, and shorts not at the acceptable length will not be allowed to participate and will not be able to earn PE points that day.  They will be assigned to walk for the class hour. 

      3. All students are required to wear tennis shoes that tie and socks for P.E. Activities.

    -Students wearing flip flops, sandals, shoes without laces guarantees ALL students a score of ZERO!

      4. All students are required to actively participate in the teacher directed P.E. Activities.

                - Standing with your friends on the field of activity watching people play guarantees you ZERO participation points!

    Behavior  Requirements:

      5. All students are required to demonstrate respect and responsibility in their behavior choices and in their interactions with others.

      6. Profanity is not to be used at any time in P.E. Activities.

      7. Students are not to bring cell phones or electronic devices to P.E. classes.

      8. Students are to take care of equipment and students must use equipment properly in P.E. Activities.

    Procedure Requirements:

      9. Students will be assigned a locker. Students must not share this locker with another student. They must lock their items in that

          Locker when they leave the locker room to go to P.E. class.

    10. Desert Sky is not responsible for any theft or damage to items left unlocked or out during P.E. Class.

    11..Students will leave the locker room when the teacher dismisses them and will meet in their teacher’s assigned area.

    12. Students will sit in their assigned squad lines. 

    13..Students will communicate all concerns to their teacher.

    14. Students who miss multiple days of P.E. will be required to make up those points by completing an Absence make-up assignment. Students are responsible to ask for their missing work…this is not the teachers responsibility. 

    15. Students who lose points for not having the appropriate clothes/shoes, behavior, responsibility, or profanity issues cannot make those points up.

    Grading Procedures:

    16. Each week of P.E. class is worth 10 points.  Grades are available on Power Teacher.

    17. Students will lose 2 points for not properly dressing out ie, athletic shoes, t-shirt, and athletic shorts

    18. Students earn points for participating in the game/activity for the day ie. colony ball, gatorball, volleyball

    19. Students will earn 0 points for inappropriate clothes/shoes, unsafe play, disrespectful behavior, etc. 

    20. Students who are not sitting in their designated squad line at the designated time will receive a PBIS incident referral on the 2nd infraction.

    21. Students can lose various points in areas for lack of participation/effort.

    22. Students lose points from their grade for behavior issues, use of profanity, disrespect to others and failure to follow teacher
    23. Students who are not sitting in their designated squad line at the designated time will receive a PBIS incident referral on the 2nd infraction.

    Please read through these procedures and expectations with your child before the first day of school.  Also, please make sure that your child has the appropriate color uniform shirt, short, or sweat pants, and sweatshirt and shoes and socks for activity.

     Physical Education Performance Requirements for every quarter

    Points : for Activity /  points for fitness focused activity/  loss of 2 points for not properly dressing out

    Attendance/Squad                      Not-sitting in assigned Squad line/walking around/not out of locker room on time                   Sitting in assigned Squad Line          -           

    Fitness Focused ActivityNo participation                Below student effort                 Little or no effort                                        Does the entire warm up    

    Activity Expectations        No participation                   Misbehaves/off task                     ½ participation                                 Full Participation