Dress Out and Participation Requirements:

    1.  All students must come to class prepared for activity.  Students will not be dressing out before class.  Students will not be using locker rooms.

    2.  All students are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing for movement.  No crocs and crop tops.

    3. All students are encouraged to wear shoes that can be tied.

    -Students wearing flip flops, sandals, shoes without laces guarantees ALL students may lose points for the day and be required to walk for participation points or complete a canvas assignment.

    4.  All students are required to actively participate in the teacher-directed P.E. Activities.

    Behavior  Requirements:

      5. All students are required to demonstrate respect and responsibility in their behavior and in their interactions with others.

      6. Profanity is not to be used at any time in P.E. Activities.

      7. Students are not to bring cell phones or electronic devices to P.E. classes.

      8. Students are to take care of equipment and use equipment properly during PE activities.

    Procedure Requirements:

    9. Students will sit in their assigned roll call lines. 

    10.Students will communicate all concerns to their teacher.

    11. Students who miss multiple days of P.E. will be required to make up those points by completing an Absence make-up assignment. Students are responsible to ask for their missing work…this is not the teachers responsibility. 

    Grading Procedures:

    Students will be graded in the following 3 areas:
    1.  Warm up Technique
    2.  Cardiovascular Endurance Intensity (reps/effort)
    3.  Skills performed in Activity
    Physical Education Performance Requirements for every quarter

    Points : 
    10 points can be earned for each category above.  Teachers will instruct students on what the focus is each week.  
     Students will need to sit in an assigned roll call spot.
     Students will need to participate to their fullest potential during warm-up.  Demonstrating proper/correct technique. Students will complete entire     warm up.
     Students will stay on task, follow game rules, participate safely, and demonstrate positive sportsmanship during PE activities.