7. Compare risks and benefits of the following technological advancements: radiation treatments, genetic engineering.

    8. Critique scientific reports from periodicals, TV and other media.

    9. Identify potential errors.

    10. Identify the behaviors that allow both plants and animals to survive.

    11. Identify traits that all plants and animals to survive.

    12. What are the symbiotic relationships.

    2nd Trimester Benchmark

    1.  Identify matter based on physical properties: solubility, states, melting and boiling point and density.

    2. Identify matter based on chemical properties: pH, reactivity and oxidation.

    3. Classify matter in terms of elements, compounds and mixtures.

    4. Classify mixtures as being homogenous or heterogeneous.

    5. Identify the evidence that a chemical reaction has occured.

    6. Explain the systematic organization of the periodic table.