Welcome to Quarter 3 at Diamond Canyon!
    On this page you will find updates and information for our class.
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     Our Week at a Glance
    Reading - We are in Module 6, Cycle 2.
    Spelling - Our next Spelling test is on Thursday, January 20th:
    always, been, old, only, small
    Phonics - This week our focus sound is the long e sound with ee and ea. are . Five words will be on the January 20th Spelling test.
    To date, we have reviewed all short vowels, s, l, and r initial blends, final consonants th (both sounds), wh, ch and sh, quck, and double final consonants 
    with short vowels.
     We have introduced open syllables (go, me, hi) and y (sky, try, musty, puppy) soft c,
    and long a with a_e (race), long o with o_e (lone), long i with i_e (vine), along with soft g and dge, 
    e_e (these) and u_e (cute, flute).
    Math - We are continuing Module 4:
    Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction to 40
    Science - We are learning about Rocks
    Social Studies - We are learning about MLK and Amerian Symbols
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    This Week:
    Monday - No School
    Tuesday - Day 5:  Art 
    Wednesday - Day 1:  P.E. & Library
    Thursday - Day 2:  Mandarin 
    Friday - Day 3:  P.E 
      Upcoming Events: 
    Staggered release times:  3:15 - K (& siblings), 3:25 - M-Z, 3:30 - A-L)
    (1:45 - K (& siblings) 1:55 - M-Z, 2:00 - A-L)
     Monday, January 17th - No School - MLK Day
    Tuesday, January 18th - 100th Day of School
    Wednesday, January 19th - 101st Day of School
    Friday, January 21st - 2:00 PLC Release
    Friday, January 28th - 2:00 PLC Release
    Here is the link of the zoom recording to this year's Curriculum Night.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
  •  wish list  

    Please see the first grade supplies list on the Diamond Canyon web site.

    We are in need of 2-3 cases of water bottles, crayola markers, and expo dry erase markers.

    Thank you for your generosity!

    star of the week
    Emerson's Energy