• DVUSD Beliefs about Grading and Reporting 

    The purpose of grading and reporting is to communicate students' academic progress towards meeting learning standards at every grade level. Learning standards define what student will know and be able to do in order to be college and career ready. DVUSD believes that:

    definition of grading


    Developing a Unified Grading Policy

    In our efforts to continue to expand and grow our academic progress in the Deer Valley Unified District, a large group of educators and parents have been working for over three years to improve grading practices in the district. Two major areas emerged as elements of grading that are critical to address:

    1. Removing behavior from academic grades
    2. Utilizing a grading scale that is more accurate and fair at representing what a student knows.

    The ultimate goal was to establish a grading system that is fair and accurately reflects what a student knows. The research shows that a 100-point scale is not fair and when there are penalties incorporated into a grade for issues such as late work, it stops reflecting the learning that is taking place in our classrooms. 


    Watch this video to learn more about the reasons behind the district's grading practices updates.


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