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    Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies!

    Social Studies is all about being involved in our community. We will discuss where we came from, what questions we face as a society, and how we can work together to tackle local and global challenges. Be ready for interactive classes with many questions asked and answered!


    Class Overview

    This year will study the foundations of the United States and key events in the 20th century:

    • The American Revolution and the building of the new nation;
    • United States Constitution;
    • Rise of Totalitarianism;
    • World War II;
    • Postwar United States;
    • Korean War and the 1950’s;
    • Civil Rights;
    • The Vietnam War and the Cold War.

    We will also analyze concepts and ideas related to the government and economics.



    "Discovering our Past: A History of the United States" by Appleby and colleagues (2014). Physical copies of the texbook will be available to students in classroom I-125. Students can also access the textbook electronically using ConnectEd.