• Welcome to Read 180


    I have the privilege of supporting students through two reading interventions, System 44 and Read 180. These programs provide reading support through specially designed instruction through media, whole groups and small group lessons. During the rest of the school year Read 180 and System 44 programs will continue to be provided through the following schedule on Monday-Thursday:

    1. 15 minutes of Technology (Through Read 180 or System 44- To access click on the image below)

    Read180/System 44

    1. 15 minutes of independent Reading

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Lydia.mosley@dvusd.org and I will be happy to respon


    Weekly Checkins/Office Hours 

     I wanted to make myself available, beginning April 6th via video chat for homework help or just chat to see how you are doing. I will be available through the app on the following days:

    Monday-Thursday from 1:00pm-2pm. To receive my Zoom classroom information please email me at: lydia.mosley@dvusd.org 


    If you have any questions concerning how to use the app please message me 

    You can send me messages through Google Classroom or Canvas if you have a questions about school work.

    Please also make sure that you check in with your parents to find out what your weekly checkin time with me will be.

    If you have not setup a weekly checkin with me you can do so here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4caaa82dabf49-weekly  (External Site)

    Email: Lydia.mosley@dvusd.org