• Welcome to 8th Grade Science Home Learning- Go Mustangs! 


    During our Home Learning all our classess are going to be in Canvas.  Every week I will be posting new modules and announcements with important information.  Remember to check daily your canvas page and your email.

    Zoom Meetings Schedule:

    Class                          Days                                          Time                     Meeting ID             The password for our meetings are in Canvas

    Period 3            Mondays and Wednesdays          11:00 am                288 986 813             

    Period 4            Mondays and Wednesdays          12:00 noon             379 569 237              

    Period 5            Tuesdays and Thursdays             11:00 am                281 904 814              

    Period 6            Tuesdays and Thursdays             12:00 noon             503 076 690             

    If you need extra help/tutoring after our virtual class,  please let me know and I will set up a zoom meeting only with you between 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm.  Tutoring is only by appointment and it will be held Monday through Thursday.