• Hello and welcome!


    I am so excited to be your music and/or choir teacher! This is going to be a great year! On this page you will find information about me, class expectations, and other important information. 


    Ms. Dardis

    Music Teacher / Choir Director


    I typically do not answer emails or phone calls past 4:00pm, but I will respond or call back within 24 hours.

    Office phone: (623) 376-5082

    Email: brittany.dardis@dvusd.org


    Choir Information:

     Choir Handbook 2019-2020 (Updated)

    *The district has changed the 8th grade choir (Chorus II) fall assessment day to October 28th. Students will be receiving a permission slip for parents/guardians to sign and return.


    Important Dates:

    • Monday, October 28th: Junior High Choir Assessment at Barry Goldwater HS during the school day (8th grade/Chorus II only)
    • Veteran’s Day Assembly performance during school (more information coming soon) 
    • Thursday November 14th: DVUSD ES & MS District Honor Choir at Sandra Day O’Connor (This is optional, by audition; more information below)
    • Wednesday, December 11th Winter Choir Concert at West Wing 6 PM
    • Wednesday, March 25th Junior High Choir Assessment at Barry Goldwater during the school day (8th grade/Chorus II only)
    • Thursday, May 14th Spring Choir Concert at West Wing 6 PM


    Honor Choir Information:

    When: November 14th

    Where: Sandra Day O'Conor High School



    Middle School Women's Honor Choir: Completed

    Middle School Men's Honor Choir: Completed; selected students have been notified

    Elementary Honor Choir: In progess; selected students will be notified Friday, Sept. 27th

    *Selected students will be required to attend before/after school rehearsals in order to prepare for the honor choir concert. Days and times are TBD depending on the availability of the majority of students selected.


    Students who audition and are selected for honor choir are required to sign and return the form below:

    I agree to be part of the 2019 Deer Valley Honor Choir. I am available on Thursday November 14, 2019 until about 8:00
    pm. I understand that West Wing School will cover the $20 fee, which includes my t-shirt and dinner during the festival. I will have to practice my music on my own, have a long day of rehearsal with 60 of the best singers from Deer Valley, perform an excellent concert at Sandra Day O’Connor High School for my parents/guardians and go home with them afterward.


    Check one of the following:

    ____ Yes, I will take on the challenge! I know that transportation is only provided to the event and that parents/guardians are
    responsible for taking students home at the end of the concert, which starts at 6:30.

     ____ I cannot participate this year.


    T-shirt size (circle 1):

    Child S Child M Child L Child XL

    Adult S Adult M Adult L Adult XL


    Parent Signature_________________________________________ Date ____________