• Hello and welcome!


    I am so excited to be your music and/or choir teacher! This is going to be a great year! On this page you will find information about me, class expectations, and more information to come. 


    Choir students/parents/guardians,

    If you have a student in choir, you will find the Choir Handbook by clicking on the link below. A hard copy will given to your student(s) during choir class. The handbook includes important information including required concert dates, grading policy, classroom and behavior expectations, consequences and discipline, and much more. After carefully reading through the handbook, there is a signature page that MUST be signed by a parent/guardian AND the student. The signature represents understanding of the expectations associated with the choir program at West Wing School and must be adhered to by all. 


    Choir Handbook 2019-2020 (Updated)


    Ms. Dardis

    Music Teacher / Choir Director


    I typically do not answer emails or phone calls past 4:00pm, but I will respond or call back within 24 hours.

    Office phone: (623) 376-5082

    Email: brittany.dardis@dvusd.org