• AS OF June 1, 2022

    Welcome Nursing Assistant Graduates class of 2023

    I hope you are having an amazing summer! I have GREAT NEWS Healthcare CPR Certification IS BEING COVERED BY CTE!!!!!!! We will be completing this as a team during the second week of class! I am SO excited!!!!!!!!
    SO you do not have to complete over the summer. CHECK this off your to-do-list.
    Questions that have been asked so far:
    TB Skin Test is only good for one year. Your test has to cover you till May 19, 2023. Completeing it in June 2022 or after BUT before August 2022 will cover you for the class. 
    Background clearance is completed by me. You & parent/gaurdean just need to complete the paper, sign and submit for me to run it the first three days of school. 
    HOSA membership will be completed during the school day the first month of school (elections will happen as well)
    Shoes are ALL white OR ALL black. Make sure they are comfortable, style is not important PROMISE! 
    Healthcare CPR certification will be completed during classtime with a company coming to give instruction and certifiyng you inperson!
    Let me know if you have questions or need anything, email or Canvas message me.


    Class of 2023 - nursing assistant classes have not been finalized yet. I know many of you have questions about your schedule and are excited about starting your Senior year. As soon as District Office and Home Schools finalize schedules, we all find out at the same time.  You can contact your home school registrar for class schedule questions. I do not know until you know. ~Mrs Jensen 


    First day of school please bring

    • TWO copies of your completed Health & Safety Requirements
      • We will be creating your student nursing file as well as begining your portfolio
    • 1 Three ring binder 1/2 in. 
    • BLACK pen
    • Highliter (your course of color) 
    • Wear your own style of clothes
    • your SMILE :-) 
    • Listening ears
    • questions - most will hopefully be answered when reviewing the syllabus (second day)

    Scrubs are NOT required the first week of school. 

    As always please email or Canvas message me if you have any questions.




    Deer Valley Unified School District Nursing Assistant Program



    The Introduction to Nursing Professions (Nurse Assisting) class is a full school year two-credit course. The class meets two periods per day (Monday – Friday) and consists of 250 hours of classroom/lab instruction. In addition to classroom and lab attendance, students are required to participate in 40 hours of off-site clinical rotations for certification or licensure. Clinical rotations consist of 20 hours in the long-term care setting and 20 hours of acute hospital care. Registered Nurses teach this course.
    This course is listed in the Deer Valley Unified School District Academic Planning Guide and is approved by the Arizona State Board of Education. The program is based on the campus of Deer Valley High School. Students are expected to follow all the policies covered in the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and the Deer Valley High School (DVHS) Student Handbook.


    The goal of the Introduction to Nursing Professions course is to prepare the students to pass the Arizona State Board of Nursing CNA/LNA Written and Skills examinations. Our two-semester course includes a thorough overview of anatomy, physiology, and human diseases, as well as teaching students critical thinking skills, safety skills, and therapeutic communication skills, which are essential in providing excellent, patient-centered care. Students will participate in both classroom and laboratory learning environments and will be given the opportunity to develop competency in clinical entry level skills and procedures by completing clinical rotations at a local, partnering nursing home and hospital.

    The DVHS Nurse Assisting class will include:

    ⮚ Role of the nurse assistant for patients across the wellness/illness continuum
    ⮚ Nurse assisting scope of practice
    ⮚ Introduction to problem solving process specific to meeting the basic needs of patient
    ⮚ Nursing interventions to ensure the safety of the patient
    ⮚ Specific types of diseases, conditions and alterations in behavior of the patient
    ⮚ Principles of nutrition and fluid balance
    ⮚ Special needs of the elder patient in acute and long-term care settings
    ⮚ Basic emergency care skills and procedures
    ⮚ Medical terminology

    The lab portion of the class will include:

    ⮚ Demonstration of problem solving
    ⮚ Therapeutic communication skills
    ⮚ Demonstration of caring behaviors and ensuring environmental safety for the patient
    ⮚ Demonstration of professional behavior to be eligible for clinical participation
    ⮚ Develop competency in entry level skills and procedures




    Interested and want to apply? 

    Fill out the application and bring back the signed application to your counselor 

    The application is SUPER quick and easy. They go here: https://cteapply.dvusd.org/ Login and apply.