Room 311's Fish
  • Our fish have a new home at Ms. Bando's house. They are very excited about having a castle to swim through, jewels, and a mermaid friend!

  • Check out what we've been doing in Science! Students are learning about light. They shined flashlights on various objects and observed if the objects were transparent, translucent, or opaque! Then they recorded their observations on a graphic organizer.


    Light Unit





    Our class schedule:

    On Full Days Classroom Schedule Specials Schedule 1st

    8:00-8:15 Breakfast in the classroom

    Arrival, Morning “Warm-Up”/DOL 
    8:15-8:55 Writer’s Workshop 
    9:00-9:25 Small Groups 
    9:30-10:55 ELA 
    11:00-11:10 Recess
    11:15-11:55 Specials
    12:00-12:10 Recess
    12:15-12:40 Lunch
    12:45-1:10 Science
    1:15-2:10 Math
    2:15-2:55 Social Studies
    3:00 Dismissal