• Welcome to Physical Education at Noterra Canyon.

    We will begin the school year virtually and will utilize Canvas to deliver course content.  My first goal is to get to know the students, listen to their story, and begin sharing key components of physical education that can be utilized throughout life.  From a distance, we will be able to adequately share and encourage students to emphasize health and activity.  Parents or students can contact me through Canvas or my email.  


    Email:  Joshua.bahr@dvusd.org


    Class Overview

    This quarter we will focus on:
    *warm up & cool down exercises
    *cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as flexibility
    *various fitness components

    On Monday-Thursday, Physical Education class will begin with a warm-up activity followed by the daily lesson.  Whole class instruction will last 15-25 minutes and utilize many strategies to involve and engage students.  Next, students will gradually be released to independent time, which will include physical activity, reading additional material, viewing videos, or writing in response to the daily lesson.  On Friday, physical education coaches will be available for student questions, activities, and small group instruction.  Zoom codes will be posted in Canvas on the “announcements” page.