• Blane


    Hello, my name is Blane Weeks and I am the School Counselor at West Wing School and Diamond Canyon School. I received my Bachelor's in Psychology from Arizona State University and my Master's in Psychology from Grand Canyon University. I started my career in social work, working with children in foster care and most recently worked with women who made the decision to place their baby for adoption. I am excited to be working with children again and to be working within Deer Valley Unified School District.  

    Family is a big part of my life! I am married to my husband, Dylan, for five years. We have a four year old son, Deegan, and a two year old girl, Bryce. Both of our families live locally and we spend most of our weekends and free time spending time with one another. I was born and raised in Arizona and although I love to travel and see new places, Arizona will always be home.