Welcome to the 6th grade!!


    The sixth grade is all about preparing your student for middle school and beyond.  We will, as a team, help your student to discover their individual learning style and study habits, in order to prepare them for their future and possibly, their future career. 

    Our Scholastic class code is QKM6P if you wish to order books for your student online.

    Reminders to Ensure Your Child's Success



    • Stay attentive during class instruction
    • Bring all necessary supplies to class
    • Keep up with your homework
    • Correct your homework -- write in the correct answer
    • Use notes when completing your homework
    • Use notes when reviewing for a quiz/test
    • Review past sections nightly so that the material is fresh
    • Study with a buddy in class as well as at home
    • Practice your basic facts (+, -, x, ÷)
    • Utilize the math help links
    • Ask for help when needed(parent or teacher)
    • Check to make sure your child is completing and understanding the material on a nightly basis
    • Check to make sure your child is completing all assigned work including review assignments
    • Check to make sure your child is completing the cool downs prior to the test
    • Review with your child
    • Encourage your child to come in for help
    • Check your child's grade on PowerSchool

    If you have any questions, please let me know.  The easiest way to contact me is by email:  karen.bayer@dvusd.org

    Here's to a great year!