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Ms. Valdes

I am the 7-1 Social Studies teacher.  I grew up in the Phoenix area and I am an Arizona State University alumnus. Go Sun Devils! In my free time, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my dog, Charlie. This will be my third year here at Hillcrest and I look forward to continue working with the Hillcrest Team. I absolutely LOVE history and I am so excited to travel through time with all of you this year.


7th Grade- The 7th grade Social Studies program focuses on Integrated Global Studies (Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment to present). The content focus will be viewed through historical and geographic lenses. Seventh-grade students will understand the relationships and interactions between societies and cultures in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. United States history will be taught as it intersects with global issues. Major topics include Scientific Revolution, Revolutions, World at War – WWI & WWII, Cold War, to present day.


Students will be receiving a balance of guided and independent instruction through Canvas with a variety of resources within to guide our learning (textbook, primary sources, resource books, videos, notes), exploration (individual/group research), and cooperative learning (Kagan structures).  The information will be assessed by quizzes, tests, projects, and presentations. At Hillcrest, grades are weighted. Assessments are worth 60% of the grade, classwork, bellwork, projects, participation and organization are worth 40%. It is very important that all work is completed to ensure a good grade. 


Students tend to be more successful when they come to class prepared. Regular attendance should be a priority to you, assignments and lessons missed due to absenteeism often are a major cause of poor performance. 


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