• Hello!

    My name is Elizabeth Anderson, and this is my 3rd year at Sandra Day O'Connor High School. I attended Arizona State University, and obtained two undergrad degress, one in Secondary Education, one in English, and in 2017, I finished my Masters in English.

    I teach the following dual enrollment courses:

    ENH 110:

    Please note that this class has different curriculum/pacing than classes taught by previous teachers. As of 2019, administration decided that since ENH is only a semester-long class, and our school continues to strive to perform its best, and data and is needed to meet those goals, regular ELA 5-6 curriculum is taught for the first semester, and the dual ENH curriculum is taught during 2nd semester.

    Enrollment and payment to Rio Salado is still required in the first semester, and the curriculum is taught during second semester. Due to high enrollment numbers, all students will be required to enroll and pay for this course. After the enrollment date has passed, any students who have not enrolled or paid will be moved to regular ELA 5-6 with a different instructor. 

    **There is no summer reading for ENH 110


    ENG 101 (fall semester) ENG 102 (spring semester):

    Students are required to enroll and pay for both semesters of ENG 101/102 through Rio Salado. Students must pass ENG 101 with a 2 or higher in order to move on to 102.


    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns: elizabeth.anderson@dvusd.org

    Tutoring Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 PM, and by appointment.