• Ceramics this year will infuse art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetic critiques, as well as introduces the basic Elements and Principles of art and Design related to ceramic work and production. 

    This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop art creation skills and broaden their range of experiences in ceramic clay construction through hand building. 

    Lessons are also linked to ELA common core standards and have reading and writing components embedded in the curriculum. 

     Students are required to attend ZOOM meetings to receive direct instruction

    • Classes are required to log in at the start of the scheduled ZOOM meetings
    • Students are required to be logged in prior to the end of the scheduled class time
    • Follow district technology protocol
    • Complete brainstorming/introduction 
    • Have opportunity to ask questions
    • Receive direct instruction of the day's learning objectives
    • Teacher will provide time of log in
    • Complete exit/discussion question or assignment

    Supplies, Clay, and Canvas assignments: Please have all supplies listed in syllabus. Assignments will be graded during zoom session or turned in as an assignment on Canvas. All assignments will be published on Canvas. Clay will be distributed from the school site to complete first 9 weeks of projects from home. Firing and completion of projects will begin when school classrooms are open.

    Ceramics Zoom Expectations and Norms:

    1. All students must be on time for Zoom classroom sessions.
    2. Students must stay signed in for the entire duration of the class session. Only the teacher can make changes.
    3. Each student must sign in with camera on, showing student and microphone muted then follow all instruction given by teacher during lesson.
    4. Please wear proper school appropriate clothing since cameras are on and find a focused quiet space in your home.
    5. You must remain present, engaged and participating for the class duration until independent work time is announced. No phones, gaming, social media or distractions.
    6. Complete all assignments during Zoom session and exit ticket for credit or session grade. Only post school appropriate subject matter.
    7. Log in with actual name or you will not be admitted or kicked out.
    8. Please use your school IPAD for Zoom sessions in accord with Canvas for all assignments.
    9. Have all supplies such as notebook or sketch book, pen, pencil, and eventually clay tools and clay ready to work.
    10. Be respectful to teacher and all students while in Zoom, do not disrupt the learning environment only contribute! 

    Supplies Required: (Due week of August 10, 2020) I will discuss during Zoom Class

    • Standard No.2 Pencils and Pens (required daily) with erasers
    • Notebook or Sketchbook 9x12 spiral bound (Ceramics only, not shared with other course)
    • Old Shirt or Apron (Your clothes will get dirty without one)
    • Ceramic Tool Kit (8 piece set or larger for ceramic clay)
    • Paint Brushes Set (Variety of rounds and flats for glazing ceramics)
    • Black Sharpie
    • Color Pencil Set (minimum 12 color set) and Marker set Minimum (8-12 count)
    • I-Pads (charged each day for ZOOM class learning, research, quizzes, notes)
    • Various items will be found/made at home or purchased as needed based on assignments.

    Supplies may be purchase on Amazon, Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or any store that works. We will discuss supplies the first zoom class!

  • Ms.C