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    Well, fifth grade...this is it. You're about to be sixth-graders! This week's work still counts in the grade book and we are reflecting on the year we just had. I have loved teaching you this year and I hope you all stay safe this summer. Please read some books for fun and make sure you have your multiplication facts solid for next year. Please come see me and Mrs. Sell at our Virtual Class Meetings this week on Zoom. I'd love to see each of you before the year is done!

     Lesson Plan Week of May 11-15


    This is our last full week! I can't believe we are almost done with the school year! I'm so sad that we won't end it together at school. Please do finish strong, though! You want to keep reading and practicing your skills. We are also learning about the Civil War in the next three lessons. The issues that surrounded the Civil War have been plaguing our nation since the earliest days and the effects are still part of society today. Please find out about this crucial part of American history this week. Work hard now; summer is almost here. (...but not yet!)

    Lesson Plan: Week of May 4-8


    To all of our amazing fifth-grade families, hang in there! The last few weeks of school are coming up and we still have some important learning to do. Be sure to go into Mrs. Sell's and my Google Classrooms every Monday and see all that the week holds for you. Get started on those Monday learning activities and make the most of your Home Learning. I wish we were learning at school, together, but keep up a postive attitude and you can learn anywhere. Use the lesson plan above or the weekly overview in my Google Classroom to get started this week.

    Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.


    Lesson Plan Week of April 27-May 1 

     Lesson Plan, Week of April 20-24            Access Google Classroom at Home                                                                                           

    Home Learning Updates   


    I am so proud of you fifth-graders! This whole transition to learning at home is a big challenge. I know that you are trying to be responsible and get your work done. I know that sometimes that means working in non-traditional ways or at non-traditional times. That's okay! Just do your best. Ask us for help! We are here for you in our Virtual Class Meetings, by email, with Class Dojo, or by phone. Try to keep a routine. Even if you have to wait till later in the day to do your schoolwork, don't waste your day. Get up, take a shower, eat breakfast. Set a task for yourself to complete at home. This might be a great time to do something extra to help around the house. Most of all, stay safe and healthy. 

    Remember, the work you do this week counts toward your 4th quarter grades. This is the time to get a solid start on our last several weeks before the year is done. It's certainly not the way any of us wants to end the year, but your health and safety are the most important thing. Use this chance to focus on learning. Do your minutes on Imagine Learning and Dream Box to constantly improve your skills for sixth grade. Do the assignments and embrace learning something new. Let's end the year strong, even if it's in a different way.



    Thank you to all the students and parents who worked so hard to get connected to our Home Learning in Google Classroom last week. We experienced frustrations and learned a lot about the processes as well as practicing some skills we have already learned. We continue this week with review work that is important in preparing for 6th grade as well as our technology fluency in Google Classroom. 

    Additionally, some exciting news is that you can now access your Home Learning for Art, Music, and PE in those teachers' Google Classrooms! You will need to add their classrooms just like you did for Mrs. Sell and me. Remember that to add a new classroom, you have to be signed in to Google Classroom, but not entered into one of the classrooms. You will click the plus sign in the top right corner and use the teacher's class code. Links and codes for these are in my Google Classroom under the topic, "Other Teachers' Google Classrooms". 

    Coach Knope is doing announcements every day on Twitter. You can find the link each day to view this in my Google Classroom under the topic, "Announcements with Coach Knope". Be sure to check it out!

    Grading for your classwork resumes next week! It is really important that you are following a daily routine and getting your work done each day. You do not have an assigned time frame to do specific work each day; you may simply complete it during the day when you choose. However, be careful that you don't fall behind! You should be doing Reading and Social Studies every Monday and Wednesday. You should be doing Math and Science every Tuesday and Thursday. Also, you should try to do Imagine Learning, Zearn, and Dreambox each day to keep your skills on track. Don't let this situation hurt your progress as a learner. You are all too smart to let yourselves lose out. 

    I miss seeing you each day. Remember, you may come to my Virtual Class Meetings on Zoom each day at 9:00 and 3:00. The links are in my Google Classroom. Stop in and see me, as well as some of your classmates. It's nice to stay connected! Mrs. Sell holds her Virtual Class Meetings at the same time and you can find her links in her Google Classroom. We are both here to help you if you have questions or just want to say, "Hi." 



    Updated 4/3/2020

    Hello to all fifth graders and families!

    I hope everyone has already heard the news that Arizona schools be closed for the rest of the school year. In light of this, DVUSD has transitioned to Home Learning for the remainder of the school year. This is a new format for all of us, and as your teacher, I have been busy learning a lot of new ways to help you stay connected from home.

    I miss seeing all of you each day and it would be nice if we could have class in-person. However, it is much better that everyone stays healthy and safe. That is the most important thing. Together, we will get through learning at home with unique ways to continue to grow and connect. In an effort to keep you learning, I have created a weekly lesson plan that can be followed from home.

    Each week, you can check here for new information and a link to that lesson plan. It will be posted in the comment stream of my Google Classroom as well. It will have links for lessons from all of the teachers, including Mrs. Sell’s math lessons and all special area lessons.

    Here is some of the important information for moving forward:

    • Home learning will begin through Google Classroom on April 6, 2020. Click the link above to connect to my Google ClassroomMy class is xd5b2cc. The students in Mrs. Sell’s homeroom will need to add this new code, as I will consolidate all the 5th graders to one Google Classroom site.
    • The office hours to reach Mrs. Sell or me each day on Zoom will be from 9:00-9:30 am or 3:00-3:30 pm (beginning April 6). Below are the links for my AM and PM Zoom meetings next week.
    • You may also call or text me on my Google Voice phone number: 623-738-6778.


    Please see the Stream tab in my Google Classroom for ALL Zoom information. This includes the links, the meeting ID, and the Password. 

    As we embark on this journey together, please do not hesitate to ask questions, give feedback, and let us know how you and your family are doing. Please take care of yourselves and be safe and healthy! I miss seeing you!

    With smiles and positivity,

    Mrs. Williford