• Hi Friends!

    Hey guys! Wild times right now. I am very upset that we will not be meeting together in room 505 again this year. I miss you guys every single day, but I am looking forward to online learning! I will have a schedule posted for you guys by the end of the week with lessons and things for you to work on starting next week. 


    Here are the codes to your new Google Classrooms. Please join the new classrooms, your work will be posted in here! Your weekly lesson plans will be found in the Google Classroom. 

    Math and SS Home Learning: 5yo5qyn

    ELA and Science: 3i3f7ww

     The link to our Zoom Meetings can be found in the Google Classrooms above! 



    A copy of the lesson plans can be found below.

    HOME LEARNING LESSON PLANS --> click here!



    If you are going on to Khan Academy, you need to sign in to your Google accounts before going to Khan. Please follow these steps:
    1. Go to google

    2. Sign in with your school logins (computer login@learner.dvusd.org)

    3. Go to Khan and sign in with Google account 


    Please email me if you have any questions!