Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sieff

Born and raised on the East coast I met and married my husband here in Arizona. Soon after that I began moving with my husband and the United States Air Force. I have lived in New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, California, Florida and Italy. I love the environment of Arizona because it gives me the opportunity to spend so much time outdoors. 

My success as a teacher is often dependent on your actions as a student. Learning is a community project and requires that we all commit to being successful here at school. My purpose is to help you along this journey of academic awareness so that you can be prepared for success in the real world. Consider me your guide as you navigate through mathematics this year. I will be here to teach you, offer assistance in your learning and answer your questions. But, remember that it will be up to you to ask questions, participate and complete your work.

Education goes beyond just reading, writing, math, science and history. Our attendance here at school not only educates us academically but also socially. Keep in mind how your actions affect others and remember to show kindness and understanding to those around you.