• Welcome to 6th Grade Math


    This year will be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to improve our prior learning and make inquiries into new topics. For us to succeed we must be willing to take responsibility for our learning. There are many valuable resources available throughout 6th grade for success to be achieved. However, your success will be dependent upon your actions. These actions include attending class, being prepared for learning, completing assignments, asking questions, and being respectful of our school, classmates, and teachers.

    Most of your daily informational needs can be found on your teacher and school website. Schedules, early release days, and holidays are all visible on the school calendar. Your planner (provided by the school) should be used on a daily basis to record your work for the day and future assignments, such as tests and quizzes. 

    When you are absent from school and miss math class it is your responsibility to complete your missed work. Be sure to speak with the teacher to confirm that you have any missed assignments. If you are absent on a test or quiz day you will need to make up this item during morning tutoring or independent learning time. Retakes may be completed for most (not all) assessments after completing and submitting the required retake contract.