• Welcome to Hillcrest Middle School's

    Health Center!!


    Nurse: Kristin Langdon, RN, BSN


    The mission of the School Nurse is to help educate, protect and promote student health, facilitating a student's 

    optimal developement and chances for academic success.



    HEALTH OFFICE hours are Monday - Friday 08:00am to 3:15pm.

    For any questions or concerns, please contact me at 623-376-3310. You may also email me at Kristin.Langdon@dvusd.org.  Any messages or emails left/sent Monday through Friday by 3:00pm will be returned within 24 hours. I can usually respond the same day, but please know that I will get back to you within 24 hours. If a message/email is left after 3:00pm on Friday I will get back to you Monday morning. 


    The Health Office provides on-campus health screenings, assessments and education, as well as first-aid and nursing care for students and staff. The Health Office is NOT A PRIMARY CARE FACILITY OR URGENT CARE. BY law, the nurse is not allowed to make a medical diagnosis, prescribe treatments or medications. When accidents or illness occur during school hours, basic first-aid and/or emergency care will be given according to the Az State Board of Nursing standards and practices. The nurse may suggest further medical follow up in certain circumstances. Further care and follow up is the responsibility of the parents.



    In compliance with ARS 15-344 and ARS 32-1901, I cannot keep stock medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen/Advil, Benadryl, anti itch creams, Neosporin, Calamine, antacids, cough drops or cold medications in my office. A Parent must provide and physically check in all medications they want their child to have available to them at school.  All medications, including over the counter medication, must be brought to the Health Center by a parent in the original containers and the nurse must have a signed permission slip on file for each of the medications you would like your child to receive. All over the counter medications will be given based on the manufacturer's directions, unless there is a superseding order from a physician. Students are not permitted to have medication in their posession at any time without a specific prior written arrangement with the nurse. For children with chronic medical conditions (ie. diabetes, asthma, severe allergies that require the possible use of an Epi Pen, ADD/ADHD and seizures) there are documents that are required to be completed by the parent and the child's physician for any prescribed medications or treatments that they are required or may need to take/have at school. The required forms that need to be completed can be found under the forms section. At the end of the school year, any medication remaining in the Health Center will be discarded unless picked up by a parent.


    Parent and Emergency Contacts/Health History Form: Parents are required to complete an Emergency Contact and Health History Form for each of their children every year. PLEASE ensure that all contact information is accurate and correct for parental and emergency contacts. These forms contain vital information should your child become ill or injured at school. It also provides the school nurse with a brief insight into any medical conditions your child may have that could affect them while at school. So please be sure to accurately document any medical condition/s on this form and alert the Health Center if there are any changes in your child's health condition so changes/updates can be made in their medical file. Please also be sure to notify the school of any changes in address or phone number so that updates can be made to your child's record. Student's will only be released to those persons indicated on this form and a Photo ID is required to pick up any child during the school day.


    Screenings Conducted at School:

    Hearing and vision screenings are done on all students that are new to the district, all students who receive services through the special education department and starting in 2019, all seventh grade students. Parents and teachers may also request a screening for any student at any time when a concern arises. Vision referral letters are sent home to notify parents if the student's have difficulties with any portion of the screening. Students who have difficulty with an intial hearing screening will be retested within 30 days. If a student still has difficulties with the hearing screening, the student will be reffered to an audiologist. Parents will be notified by a referral letter regarding their child's hearing difficulties. We do have a district audiologist that will see student's at no cost to the parent. Their contact information will be on the referral letter.