Wowza! This was NOT how I expected our 19-20 school year to end. When I said "good-bye" for Spring Break, I defintely was not thinking it was good-bye until August :(

    While Corona virus has thrown multiple monkey wrenches into our plans for our school/personal/professional lives, it will not win! I love that we live in an age where technology can keep us connected until we see each other again. 

    This week, teachers across the district are working to get online classroom sites ready for you guys so we can continue learning. I can't wait to Zoom with you all again this Friday; I will make sure to send out links for both the parent and the student zoom sessions. 

    In the meantime, work on those enrichment pieces that the district has supplied. I can assure you that I am creating fun ways to do math over the next few weeks that does NOT require your binders. (HEY! There's a positive about this! NO MORE BINDERS!!!)

    On Monday morning, please check your student emails (it will be sent to the parent emails as well) for the link to your new classroom. We will chat about what school looks like during our Zoom session on Friday. 

    Much love to you all! If you have any questions that cannot wait until Friday, please email me at krista.gibson@dvusd.org