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    Ms. Fioramonti has been teaching high school ELA in Arizona since 2014. 

    This year she is teaching COM 100 - Introduction to Human Communication, a dual-credit course period 4 and is in the WIN (What I Need) Center periods 2 and 3.

    • Introduction to Human Communication is a dual-credit speech class for which students can earn high school and college credit.
    • The WIN Center is an academic support lab.

    Ms. Fioramonti still has a passion for teaching and feels that effective communication is one of the keys to a successful life. She loves connecting with students and helping them succeed. She finds that she often learns things from them.

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    Email:  cynthia.fioramonti@dvusd.org

    Phone:  623-445-3168

     Syllabus COM 100:  

    Canvas:  dvusd.instructure.com