• Dear 5th Graders:

    Welcome to 5th grade! I'm so happy that you are one year older than last school year, congratulations! 

    My goal everyday is helping you to make progress and achieve your personal best, in order to achieve this goal, I need your support as well, you are going to respect, help and love each other. Don't forget smile! Building a warm, friendly and positive learning environment is good for your study and living. 

    As your teacher, as well as your friend, I'm pleased to help you, please free feel to let me know if you need any help. 

    Positive behaviors are highlighed and rewarded in a variety of ways, in order to achieve this goal, here are some things that parents can do:

    • Check the folder or email for important imformation.
    • Being supportive and working with teachers to help your child together.
    • Homework is assigned properly, aiming to practice new knowledge or a new skill. Please let teachers know if you have any questions.

    Set up goals and have a strong faith and try your best! 

    Get ready, let's go!