• Hi Geckos!

    Here comes the 2ed Quarter! You will combine what you have learned in the past and new knowledge to achieve a higher level of Mandarin:

    • Visually and verbally identify “ride bikes, kung fu, dance, and draw”.

    • State the leisure activities I want to do with the characters “want to(要) go(去) ”. 

    • State the leisure activities I don’t want to do with the characters “don't want to(不要) go(去) ”. 

    • Ask and answer questions, “what do you want to do?”(你要去做什么?)

    • Ask and answer questions, “ when do you want to do…?”(你什么时候要去_____?)
    • State when I want to do my leisure activities. (using days of the week)

    • Describe if a leisure activity is boring(无聊) or fun(有趣).
    • Perform 3 Kungfu gestures.

    • Compare kungfu with competitive wrestling, and graph their similarities and differences.

    • Write the Chinese characters “want(要)” and “go(去)”. 

    Can't wait to create more beautiful/funny learning memories with Geckos! 

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