It is expected a parent/guardian will call the Attendance Office each day a student is absent.  Absences should be reported within 24 hours.  Phone calls will only be accepted until 2:30 p.m. of the day following the absence.  PLEASE NOTE:  TELEPHONE CALLS ACCEPTED ONLY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOTES.  Please call the Attendance Line and leave a voice mail. The attendance number is 623-445-8690 (24-hour recorder).   

    If a student misses one or more classes, a computer-generated phone call is attempted to a designated phone number.  If the student is ill or had another documented reason for the absence, a parent must call to excuse the absence or it will be unexcused. Note: the phone system only calls if a student has missed twenty minutes or more of a class period. The system will not call for tardies or if a student has missed less than twenty minutes of a class period.



    Students are expected to arrive at school on time.  If, however, a student is going to be late to school, arriving to class after the final bell, a parent must accompany the student in order for the student to obtain a pass to class.  

    If a student has an appointment slip, etc. from a doctor, dentist or other documented appointment to show in the office, a pass to class will be issued.   

    Students must sign in at the front office in order to receive their pass and be excused. 

    Please note, if a student is more than twenty minutes late to any class due to an excused tardy, that period is counted as an excused absence and will count against the limits of the attendance policy.



    Boulder Creek High School is a closed campus. Students must remain on campus during lunchtime. A parent or guardian signature and photo ID is required to release a student for personal reasons during school hours. (BCHS Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, page 11)


    If a student feels ill during the school day, they should report their complaint to the classroom teacher for a referral to the nurse. (BCHS Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, page 7)
    The nurse will contact the parent/guardian if the student needs to be picked up from school.

    In the unlikely event that a student must leave early for an appointment, a parent/guardian must call the office in advance to secure a “pass to leave campus.”  You will be asked to submit a faxed photocopy of your ID with your request in order to release your student.   All students leaving campus must sign out in the front office to excuse the absence.