Welcome to Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten Teachers: Ms. Lavoie, Ms. Penrod, Ms. Bair, Ms. Puckett, Ms. Gaston
    Special Education Teachers: Ms. Clawson  and Ms. McBride 

    Kindergarten Content Focus Phonics :Focus until February :
    Names and sounds of letters of the alphabet
    The first 3 letters we learn are : Ll Oo and Gg

    Phonemic awareness:
    Identifying beginning sound in words

    Sight Words: Please practice your student's sight words daily and make sure they keep their sight word ring in a safe place and bring them to school daily.

    Kinder Comprehension Strategies:
    Cause and Effect
    Fantasy vs. Realism
    Drawing conclusions
    Categorize and Classify
    Compare and Contrast.

       *Please record all of your reading and phonics activities on you Reading Calendar so your child's class can win a special spirit day and a party at the end of the year!* 

    Math: Module 1:
    Counting to ten.
    Writing numbers 1 - 10.
    Counting sets of objects up to 10.
    Link to parent letter for Module 1: Module 1 Parent Letter 
    Links to Kindergarten Standards:
    Reading Kinder Standards
    Fun websites you can visit with your student:

    Kinder General Education Schedule (Lavoie, Puckett, Gatson) :  Class Schedule (General Education)
    8:30-8:45 Breakfast in the classroom (please arrive at 8:30 if your child is eating breakfast, thank you!)
    8:45 - 10:00 Phonics/ Reading Comprehension
    10 :00 - 10:30 Writing
    10: 30 - 11: 10 Lunch
    11: 10 - 12: 25 Math
    12: 25 - 12 : 15 Reading Centers
    1:15 - 1: 30 Recess
    1 : 30 - 2:00 Math Centers
    2: 00 - 2: 45 Specials
    2:45 - 3: 30 Science/Social Studies
    3: 30 Dismissal  
    ELD Schedule (Ms. Penrod and Ms. Bair's Class)
    8:30-8:45- Breakfast
     8:45-9:30 - Phonics
    9:30 - 10 Read Comprehension
     10-30-11:10- Lunch/Recess
    11:10-12:15- Math
    12:15 - 12: 25- Recess
    12 : 30 - 1: 15 Reading Center
    1: 15 - 2:00 Grammar
    2:00 - 2:45 Specials
    2:45 - 3: 20 Writing
    3: 20 Dismissal
    Please make sure your student is wearing tennis shoes on days they have P.E. thank You 
    We are really excited about taking your children on a journey through reading, writing, spelling, math, science, and social studies.  By the  end of the year your son/daughter will know all his/her letters and sounds, be able to blend words and will even be reading sentences.  In addition, you will see them go from just writing their names to writing several sentences using inventive and actual spelling.  Students will share their ideas and writing with the rest of the class.  Students will start the year recognizing numbers and counting, and by May they will be adding and subtracting.  In language arts and math, the students will have the opportunity to work independently, as a whole group and in small groups. You will see your sons and daughters grow so much in so many ways this year - academically and socially.  We are looking forward to a great year!
Teacher Phone Number Email
Susan Penrod 602-467-6124 susan.penrod@dvusd.org
Alissa Bair 602-467-6157 alissa.bair@dvusd.org
Richelle Puckett 602-467-6162 Richelle.Puckett@dvusd.org
Ellen Spendel 602-467-6163 ellen.spendel@dvusd.org