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    About your course

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will be taking your Geometry class on Canvas - this is the same system used throughout DVUSD. Class begins August 18 and ends October 1. While you can reach me via email here all written class communication will be done in Canvas. I will be checking messages in Canvas at least once a day and responding daily. Your class will be held within the Home Learning (virtual) Environment. We will meet daily, Monday through Friday at 6:00 pm, via an app called Zoom, to take roll, answer questions, give additional instruction, and help you through assignments. Zoom meeting attendance is mandatory. I will also post the schedule and links for these live sessions in Canvas. You can also make an appointment to meet with me individually if you are struggling by messaging me in Canvas.



    How to get started

    Every day will begin by logging into Zoom at 6:00 pm to take roll and get started. The link is posted on the home page of your Canvas course. We will meet on Zoom again at 8:30 pm to finish up, answer questions, and end at 8:45 pm.

    Login to Canvas online or with the Canvas app (iOs/Android).

    If you have any trouble with your iPad, Notability, or Canvas, please put in a helpdesk ticket by clicking here:


    Parent Information

    Parents can also login to Canvas to observe classes and student progress. Parents even have their very own app: Canvas Parent.

    Learn more about accessing Canvas as a Parent!


    Tips for Success

    Do not fear the online format. I will be meeting with you live on Zoom Daily and will help you through this. Here are some things you can do to be successful.

    • Log in DAILY
    • Turn your phone off and minimize all other distractions
    • Find a quiet place to work
    • Ask questions and don't miss our Zoom meetings! 


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