• PLC Highlights--Jan 2020

    Posted by Jerry Slawson on 1/13/2020

    Pre – School

    Kinder: The PLC time has provided our Kindergarten teachers with the opportunity to increase our students’ writing abilities. We are learning to sound out words and extend our sentences so that we can express ourselves in writing. What amazing authors we are creating! 

    1st Grade: In PLC our team is focusing on increasing our reading fluency data by reading grade level passages daily. These passages are also being sent home for students to continue practicing.

    2nd Grade: In PLC our team is focusing on comprehension, using our weekly Reading Street test in SchoolCity to analyze student data. With the data, we form strategies and lessons to support growth in this area of reading. 

    3rd Grade: PLC time has allowed our 3rd grade team more time to collaborate & implement reading strategies pertaining to collected weekly data. This month our main focus is Words Their Way weekly sorts and getting students acclimated to different sorting skills that can also be implemented within a text.               

    4th Grade: The 4th Grade team is excited to continue unpacking the new Social Studies standards and sharing the lessons with the students!  4th Graders did an AMAZING job on their Deer Valley Social Studies Assessment (Arizona Statehood and Government) in December and we look forward to more activities to enhance the learning of Arizona History, having the students think like historians :-) With the data collected from common formative assessments throughout the lessons, we can determine whether a time period needs reteaching or teach the next segment a bit differently.

    5th Grade: The 5th grade team is unpacking the standards related to explaining relationships between two or more individuals, events, ideas, or concepts in a text based on specific information. With data from assessments, we will determine what students need reteaching with different strategies in small group and what students are proficient. 

    6th Grade

    7th& 8th Grade ELA is evaluating writing samples and focusing on both Self and Peer Editing with the support of DVUSD rubrics via Canvas as a learning strategy to improve writing skills and increase writing proficiency. 

    7th & 8th Grade Math are working on making connections between equations, tables, and graphs.  Students will learn to create a table of input and output values in order to graph linear functions.  

    Special Education:  

    The teachers, itinerant staff, and paraprofessionals are focusing on behavior interventions to increase academic instructional time that centers on grade level standards and IEP goals.  Within our team, we are monitoring regression that may have occurred following winter break and identifying specific strategies to promote the recoupment of regressed skills. It is typical for any person to experience regression following a break; even adults may have some difficulty such as recalling a computer password or limited alertness/attention to a task.  However, our team members review the data for each student to consider if there is anyone that takes a longer time than expected to recoup specific critical skills.


    Physical Education:

    Mr Slawson and Mr. Bartlein are working with Arrowhead and Highland Lakes PE teachers.  We are working on Common Assessments connecting to our standards. We are keeping in mind that we are moving toward standards based grading and developing our assessments to be in line with future developments.


    Visual Arts K-8 will be focusing on ceramics. We will be discussing and sharing clay projects, techniques, and resources.
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