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    Student Wellness Advocacy Team (SWAT) supports the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community (WSCC) Model developed by the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and promotes wellness engagement for saff, students, parents and our community. SWAT is a student-led organization, which promotes social & emotional climate, physical and nutritional wellness, and equity while creating healthy classrooms, school, community and leadership. Benefits of a healthy school culture include...

    • Creates a Culture of Success
    • Increases Academic Success
    • Decreases Discipline Referrals
    • Increases Student Engagement
    • Decreases Childhood Obesity



    SDOHS S.W.A.T. Leadership Team: 

    Want to join?...See Dr. Hesse for more information

    Neil K.: President

    Dominique L.: Vice-President

    Jessica Haynes: Peer Mentor

    Madi M.: Peer Mentor

    Maddie M.

    Damena K.

    Faith K.

    Dakani D.

    Ivan A.

    Sara F.

    Hayden L.

    Bella W.

    Miracle H.

    Julia R.

    Dasia R. 

    Nicole Z.

    Maritza R.

    Paityn T.

    Taylor A.

    Mason S.

    Valentina K.

    Maya C.

    Kathlyn J.

    Karli M.

    Brennen C.

    Isabella W.

    Grace T.


    SDOHS S.W.A.T. Success Stories       

    SDOHS is a model US "Healthy School" by activeschoolsus.org


     SDOHS Leads the US  


    SDOHS S.W.A.T. Building Culture and Community Project Awards

    SWAT Team of the Year: 2020

    Letters of Love

    Paw Patrol

    Love Box Project

    Safety Kit Donators

    Happy Conversations


    SWAT Team of the Year: 2019

    Go-Green Asociation

    All Heart

    OC Keep it Clean


    SWAT Team of the Month/Week: 2021

    Triumphant Eagles: 

    Healthy Campus OC: https://www.instagram.com/healthycampusoc/?hl=en

    Project Paws: https://www.instagram.com/project_p.a.w.s/?hl=en

    OC Drawing Inspiration: https://www.instagram.com/oc_drawing.inspiration/?hl=en

    Funding Positivity: https://www.instagram.com/oc_fundingpositivity/?hl=en

    SWAT Team of the Month/Week: 2020

    Smile OC

    Motivation Organization

    Eagle Hour Set-Up Crew

    Mindfulness Motivators

    Driving Safety: https://www.instagram.com/driving.safety_sdohs/

    Happy Conversations

    Healthy Mind/Healthy Life

    Build A Body

    OC Rock Boys

    Paw Patrol: https://www.instagram.com/paw.patrol.az/?hl=en

    Mindful Moves

    Mental Health Group

    Positive Posse

    Letters of Love


    SWAT Team of the Month/Week: 2019

    Sandra Day O-Cycle

    Life Balance

    Eagle Hour Set-Up

    All Heart

    OC Keep it Clean


    Peer Mediation: Special Needs


    Go Green Association

    Project H.O.P.E.


    SWAT Student of the Year: 2020

    John Z.

    Makenzie K.

    Tina V.

    Sara F.

    Arbella A.

    Kate S.

    Hayden L.

    Abigail H.

    Charlotte N.


    SWAT Class of the Year

    6th Hour S!: 2019

    4th Hour S2: 2019

    6th Hour S1: 2020

    4th Hour S2: 2020