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    DVUSD Return to School Model Selection


    July 9, 2020

    DVUSD Families,

    Following a review of the Executive Order from Governor Ducey and guidance from our Governing Board and district leadership, Deer Valley Unified School District will begin school on August 3rd with virtual learning for all students.

    DVUSD is proud to offer three learning options for our students. We are asking families to choose from one of the three following learning options. 

    • Return to Learning On Campus* 
    • Return to Learning On Flex**
    • Return to Learning Online***

    *On Campus students will be instructed remotely from August 3rd until at least August 17th as we await instructions from Governor Ducey.

    **If school closure, due to the pandemic, is extended significantly past August 17th, On Flex students will begin the school year virtually with their On Campus teacher(s) until schools are able to open and return in person and the On Flex model begins.

    **When the On Flex option begins, students will be assigned to a teacher affiliated with the campus the student would normally attend. If a teacher from that campus is not available, a student will be assigned another On Flex teacher who will keep the same scope and sequence for each content area. Please review the overview on the Return to Learning website below regarding time frame expectations for this learning option.

    ***Students choosing the Deer Valley Online Academy will commit to online learning for the semester or school year and will need to complete additional paperwork to enroll in the Deer Valley Online Academy program.


    1) First, we ask that each family reviews the learning options that are outlined below.

    2) Next, we ask that all parents and families officially select their learning option for their child(ren) between July 9th and July 17th. We appreciate you making your selection during this time frame. Your selection indicates where your child(ren) will begin the school year. Please click the 'Select Model Here' button below:

      select model here

    spanish select  

    3) If you have multiple students attending DVUSD schools, you will be able to complete this enrollment process multiple times.  


    Students will begin the year on August 3rd in whichever learning option the family chooses to provide continuity for students with the same teacher(s). 

    If you have any questions regarding these learning models, please email returntolearning@dvusd.org 



    Deer Valley Unified School District


Return to Learning on Campus Icon Graphic
  • Printable On Campus Description

    Serving PreK-12th grade students who desire a more conventional and comprehensive learning environment at one of our 39 district campus sites

    •  Students return to a DVUSD campus learning environment with a focus on increased hygiene and safety practices for all. 
    • High School options to take courses with DVOLP, Pathways, Dual Enrollment, and West-MEC are available.

Return to Learning On Flex Icon Graphic Image
  • Printable On Flex Description

    Bridging online and on campus learning in temporary intervals to support families and students needing a flexible, transitional option - Students Learn in a Virtual Environment with interval transition plans to return to the home campus.

    • This is a short-term option to transition to virtual learning with a DVUSD teacher for a specified interval and then return back to on-campus learning.

Return to Learning Online Icon Graphic Image
    •  Deer Valley Online Academy is a year-long comprehensive K-12 full-time online learning program that provides teacher instruction through a flexible schedule aligned with grade level learning standards.