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    Week:  April 6 New Digital Lesson Schedule 


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English Language Arts

  • This week in Language Arts... 
    Here is a funny video about contractions...  Contractions
    Here is another video teaching about contractions... Contraction Rhyme
    Here is another video about contractions from the Electric Company... N Apostrophe T
    This is a video by Jack Hartmann about contractions... Jack Hartmann - Contractions
    Mr. Thorne explains contractions in this video... Mr. Thorne does Grammar - Contractions
    This is a game in which students will match contractions with the words they are made from ... Contraction Match
    This is a fun game in which students choose the correct spelling of contractions and then use a slingshot to burst a pinata... Contraction Action
    Here is the link to my Spelling City account where students can practice reading and spelling last week's sight words... Spelling City
    These are some free books that students can read on-line... Wilbooks


  • Composite Shape    Halves     Fourths

    This week in math, we will continue to create and describe 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional composite shapes.  We will also begin to learn to recognize and create halves and fourths.  We will learn that halves and fourths have to be equal parts.  We will also use the term 'quarters' for fourths.


    Here is a game in which students can practice identifying 2-dimensional shapes... Exploring Shapes

    Here is another game in which students can use shapes to create composite shapes... Composing Shapes

    This is a fun game in which students solve shape riddles...  Shape Riddles

    In this activity, students will help a mermaid locate 3-dimensional shapes... Magical Shape Hunt

    Students will work at a construction site in this activity to match shapes and build... Shapes

    In this game, students will recognize equal and unequal parts and splat them... Fraction Splat

    Here is the link for our class Dreambox account... Dreambox  

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    Phone:  602-445-7634
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