Pathways June Summer (T5) - Algebra 1 

    You will be taking your Algebra-1 Summer School class IN-PERSON at Barry Goldwater high school in the 500 Building beginning on Tuesday, May 31st at 12:00pm.  The class will end on Friday, June 24th at 3:30pm  -  While you can reach me via email by clicking here, all written class communication will be done in Canvas. I will be checking messages in Canvas at least once a day and responding daily. 



    Algebra1: at BGHS 12:00pm Monday-Friday. Class ends at 3:30pm
    Start day is Tuesday, May 31st 12pm, Last Day of Class is Friday, June 24th 3:30pm. 
    Attendance will be taken daily, 2 absences allowed before withdrawal

    MORE THAN 10MINUTES LATE IS AN ABSENCE for the entire day!


    Go to Canvas by selecting "All Courses" to find your Pathways Class. Then go to Canvas for announcements.

    Show up to class at Goldwater High School, Building , before 12pm. 

    Have supplies: (notebook paper, pencils/pen, Charged iPad/laptop, any CALCULATOR (not on your phone/iPad) )

    Make sure you have access to Canvas & if you have an iPad Notability App is very useful.

    If you are having any Issues with Technology please email IS&T: