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    Last week we had fun dressing like a teacher! We also watched a video for Video Day. We also listened to the older students present a "Living Wax Museum" to us about famous people they had learned about. We can't believe that this is the last week of school! 
    We had a wonderful year with your children! We wish you all the best summer!!

    In language arts this week, we will work on reading words with the 'oo' sound as in 'cook.' We will also read words ending in 'le' such as 'noodle' and 'riddle.' There will not be any new high frequency words this week. We will practice creating mental images and recognizing the elements of poetry. In writing, we will be doing some fun activities like writing letters to our 2nd grade teachers and writing clues about ourselves to see if our classmates can guess who we are.
    In math, we will continue to work on solidifying our knowledge of coins and their values. We will use these coins to represent problems involving adding 2-digit numbers. We will also work on comparing with difference unknown problems.
    In science, we will learn about animal camouflage.
    In Social Studies, we will learn about tolerance and think about what it may feel like to be left out of a situation.

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    ABC Countdown for This Week... (School Spirit Days are in parenthesis after the 1st grade days.)
    • Monday, May 17 - W Day - Write a letter to a classmate. (Pajama Day)
    • Tuesday, May 18 - X Day - X-Change autographs with classmates (Dress like a tacky tourist)
    • Wednesday, May 19 - Y Day - Year-End Clean Up (Dress for Success)
    • Thursday, May 20 - Z Day - Zoom into Summer! (Terramar Spirit Day - wear Terramar shirt)
    Thursday, May 20 - Last Day of School For Students - 1st Grade Released at 11:25 am

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