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    We had a wonderful time celebrating Spirit Week last week!  We also enjoyed eating outside on our 2 half-days.  This week, we will enjoy playing outside in the cooler weather and going to the library for the first time this year!!

    In language arts this week, we will continue to work on reading words with /sh/ sound, such as 'fish' and 'ship.' We are also learning how to read words with a silent e at the end. We know that the silent e syllable means that the vowel will make its long sound. The high frequency words that we will be working on are by, call, could, know, some, there, were and would. We will work on reading with appropriate phrasing - paying attention to punctuation while we read. At the end of the week, we will begin our 4th module - Being Good Citizens. We will finish our Animal Research essays this week!
    In math, we will use the addition strategies that we have learned to help us to solve word problems. We will also learn the "Take from Ten" strategy to help us begin to practice subtracting from teen numbers. (See the example above.)
    In science, we will continue to learn about balance and motion. We will be presented with a problem - a car rolling down a ramp and into a garage without knocking the garage over. We will create plans to solve this problem. We will create a diagram with labels to show our plan. We will test out our plans and decide which plan worked the best! We will also have a quiz on pushes and pulls.
    In Social Studies, we will learn about natural resources and find out which natural resources Arizona has an abundance of.

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