• 1st Grade   

    Last week we enjoyed some recesses outdoors and some indoors. We enjoyed some fun animal books that Ms. Pauline read to us in the library.
    In language arts this week, we will begin to practice reading words with the short 'e' sound such as 'pen,' 'hem,' and 'fed.' The new high frequency words that we will be working on this week are out, put, takes and who. We will learn more about text features, such as bold text, captions and diagrams. We will make connections between two of the books we have read in this module - Places in My Neighborhood and Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar? In writing, we will write our final copies about what we love about our world.
    Word Problems
    In math, we will work on solving story problems.
    MIT Wizards Invent Tech That Sees Around Corners | WIRED
    In science, we will investigate how to send light around a corner to communicate a message.
    Clip art Civil rights movement Montgomery bus boycott African Americans  Openclipart - png download - 1906*2400 - Free Transparent Civil Rights  Movement png Download. - Clip Art Library

    In Social Studies, we will learn about Rosa Parks and think about times when we showed bravery.
    Terramar 1st Grade Team
    Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Domkus, Mrs. Schick and Mrs. Willard