• Welcome to Advanced Study Skills with Pathways!

    My name is Darrell Hudson and I will be the teacher for the course. I know that this is a difficult time for many of us, as we try to navigate unprecedented times. I will do everything I can to help students succeed and I will work with them to do that.

    This course will be modified to help students get the big ideas of the impact of World History while not overwhelming them.  With that, some expectations:

    1. The teacher will post meaningful, engaging assignments to help students understand content.
    2. The teacher will communicate with students and give timely feedback on work.
    3. The student will turn in the assignments to the best of their ability.
    4. The student will communicate with the teacher regarding questions about their assignments and/or grade.
    5. The teacher and student will stay positive to help each other get through the course.

    Let's work together and we will succeed in this course for World History!