• Heading Samson Website

    Welcome to my 7th Grade Science Website!

    We won't get to blow things up, and we probably won't get to take over the world this year, but we will learn about the history of the earth, how different landforms (mountains, volcanoes, ect) are made, an overview of the moon, space and the universe along with learning about the ecoystem and how organisms interact in a habitat.

    I try to make it where you don't need to carry science books with you (we get them online!), and I rarely assign homework. I do ask that you take care of and review any notes and assignments we do during the week, so that you can make good grades on those assessments we have to take, but my goal is that you learn everything and then some in the actual classroom.

    I can't wait to see you all! We are in for a GREAT year in science this year!