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    Academic Success     


    If your child is struggling in school, do not wait to contact your child's teachers and the counselor.  Here are some things we offer to help.

    FLEX Time -   During FLEX time students can request a pass from any of their teachers to get help.  Each teachers have priority days designated for additional academic support.    Students who are not requesting extra assistance are able to sign up for other offerings such as Open gym, Chess, Improv, Origami, and other enrichment opportunities.  

    Student grade conferences - Each quarter the counselors at Hillcrest meet with each child who received an F on their report card.  We discuss study skills and explain in detail the promotion guidelines for middle school in an attempt to help them avoid having to go to summer school.

    Teacher Webpages - Teachers on our campus all have websites and post their lesson plans every Monday night.  We encourage parents to find the homework sites and bookmark them. We encourage parents to print off the lesson plans so they can serve as a check list for assignments for the week.  Their sites can be found on                                                                                                                                               https://www.dvusd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageType=1&SiteID=38&ChannelID=337&DirectoryType=6  

    Canvas - The marjority of your childs Science work and some work in other classes is done on a site called canvas.  There is a parent pairing code so you are able to log in and see what assignments are assigned to your child through this system and when those assignments are due.  If students from Hillcrest attened a high school in DVUSD they will be issued an ipad starting in 9th grade and the majority of their work will be on this system.  Here is a link to that website https://dvusd.instructure.com/login/ldap    Ask your child to log into their account and provide you with a parent pairing code so that you can set up your account or email your child's science teacher for more information.  

    Powerschools - Check your child's grades often.  This will help you to be a proactive parent and work on issues as they arise.  https://ps.dvusd.org/public/home.html

    Parent Communication - If your child is struggling, we encourage participation in parent teacher conferences.  Conferences are held twice each school year (October and February).  If you need to speak to a teacher sooner, please email the teacher and request a meeting.  If you would like a counselor present, please inform the teacher.    Our teachers are also very good with their email, so feel free to email the counselors or teachers at any time. 



                                                      Reporting Anonymous Reporting Box


    Did you know we have an anonymous reporting box in the counseling office?  If students are concerned about someone who is bullying or being bullied, or if there is a concern about someone for any other reason this box may be for you.  Just write down your concern and drop it into the box.  We want ALL students to feel comfortable at school so make sure you let us know if someone needs help.  


    be kind

    We hope your child has a wonderful experience in middle school.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's counselor if you have any questions or concerns as they journey through this exciting time in their lives.  


    The Hillcrest Counseling Team