• Welcome to learning more about CAMP You MATTER!


    Camp you Matter is a potential building program with the purpse of promoting the core concept that every life and every person matters. The program is intentionally designed to help build assets in participants to help counter negative messages and experiences with the unwavering message that life is precious.  This 10-session indorr wilderness adventure bombards student participant in grades 3rd through 6th with purposeful curriculum that instructions all the senses.  Students are immersed in camping themed environment where they participate in celebrating the wonder of life, personal storytellling, creative expression, guided imagery, journaling, group projects, ceremony and outreach to others.  This scripted progrm is facilitated by an official wilderness guide (teacher or community member) and utilizes an indoor campsite with a tent, campfire, pine trees and camping signs to create a transformative space to help students foster a positive sense of self as they navigate through the challenges of life.  


    You Matter Pledge- I promise to live each day fully, To give my very best, I will honor myself and others, Because I matter, you matter, we all matter!

    Please contact Mrs. Livingston, kimberly.livingston@dvusd.org, for more information.  Thank you!