Plan for Success

  •  Here are some tips and tricks for being successful in the Home Learning (virtual) environment:

    • Set up a work station. Find a quiet place to work, with good WiFi, adequate lighting, a comfy place to sit, and all the materials you may need (paper and pencils, your iPad or a computer, etc.).
    • Make sure that your device is charged and ready to use.
    • Have a drink and snack handy.
    • Limit your distractions. Put away your phone and log out of all social media. Remind your family that you will be working in order to ensure that you won't be disturbed during class time. 
    • Time management is critical for online learning success. Plan out your day to the best of your ability. Remember, we are taking an 18-week course in a much smaller period of time, and it will be a much faster pace than the traditional classroom.
    • To access our class, you will use Canvas. Check Canvas frequently to stay up to date on what is going on in class.
    • We will also utilize Zoom meetings for daily direct instruction. You will be expected to sign in using your first and last name, or you will not be allowed to join the class. Please have a non-distracting background if possible, because your camera will be on. I suggest utilizing headphones, especially if you are in an area with other people. You can find the information for accessing our Zoom meetings on Canvas.