• Welcome to Pathways,

    To be successful in my class during your pathway travels, here is what is expected of you during the times we work together:

    * Always be on time!! That is character that you can build on. Be on time to class, work or even dinner with the Grandparents will show Intergity and promises for the future you.

    * Always respect yourself!! We know that you might be taking this class again, so what! The idea that you respect yourself and dive right back into the class, to better yourself and your grade. That is Respect for yourself, and the teacher will see Intergity on your behalf.

    * Always work hard!! - Give your best each day you are in pathways. Work hard and give yourself a chance. Maybe 100% is not always the goal on certain days, but at least your best for that day and accomplish something. That is better than nothing!!

    * Always respect your classmates: Your classmates are in the same class, trying to improve themselves as you are. Support your friend, and give each other support as they work, and work along with them. Be successful together and make a new friend!!

    * Always be honest with yourself!! The truth is the key to succeess. Trying to remember a lie, is harder each time you tell it. Telling the truth, is easy - one time - one story!!

    If you meet those expectations, you will have a great expereince in Pathways and hopefully in your life.

    Mr. Hamilton