From Ms. Brammer

  • Ms. Jody Brammer- Principal

    Ms. Jody Brammer, Principal

    July 22, 2021


    Dear Greenbrier Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are pleased to welcome both new and returning families to Greenbrier.

    The continued uncertainty of COVID will require that Deer Valley District schools continue to utilize a "Remain in School" On Campus Operational Safety Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. This plan can be found      on the district's website @ Please note that DVUSD reserves the right to amend the safety plan at any point in the school year.

    Dr. Curtis Finch, Superintendent DVUSD, held a Parent Webinar on Wednesday, July 21st. If you were unable to participate in the webinar, you may view this @ During the webinar, parents had the opportunity to hear about the DVUSD Safety Plan and learn more about how teaching and learning will take place for the upcoming school year.  Highlights of the DVUSD's Safety Plan updated on 7/21/2021 are as follows:

    Before Leaving Home

    • Parent/guardian should adhere to the protocol below for symptom screening:
      • Check in with your child each morning for signs of If your child has a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, he/she should not go to school.
    • Make sure your child does not have a sore throat or other signs of illness, like a cough, congestion or running nose, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, severe headache, vomiting, or body aches. Parents should routinely check MCDPH guidance regarding what symptoms are related to COVID-19.
    • If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 (or is awaiting test results), he/she should not go to school. Follow MCDPH guidance on what to do when someone has tested positive or awaiting test results. Parent should complete necessary reporting procedures at
    • If your child has had close contact with a COVID-19 case, follow MCDPH guidance on what to do when someone has known exposure. Parent should complete necessary reporting procedures at

    Bus Safety

    • All students, bus drivers and monitors are required to wear a face This is mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and the Federal Transportation Security Administration. If your child is using District provided transportation, the parent/guardian should provide the child with a clean cloth face mask daily. (Drivers are not required to wear a face mask when alone on a bus.) See MCDPH guidance for transportation.

    At School

    • As is normal practice, staff members will visually assess students for illness symptoms throughout the
    • Any student with visible symptoms will be taken to an isolation area, where parents will be contacted for pick up Campus leaders will identify an isolation area(s) to place a student (or staff member) who presents COVID-19 symptoms so as to separate the child from other students.
      • Campus leaders will be provided with specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (e.g. masks, gowns, gloves, eye protection, etc.).
      • Student will need to wear a face mask while in the isolation
    • Parents should contact the school nurse well in advance for students with unique health considerations (e.g. chronic allergies, ).

    Face Masks

    • Face masks are See the CDC’s Guidance for their recommendations on who should wear face masks. Exceptions to face masks being optional are:
      • Symptomatic students and staff will be required to use them in the nurse’s
      • Students who refuse to wear a face mask during required times are subject to discipline.

    Food Services

    • Meals continue to be free throughout the 2021-22 school When students choose individual portions such as beverages (including milk), and snack items, charges will apply.
    • Students will continue to receive meals through Nutrition Services or they may bring meals from
    • DVUSD will follow the CDC's "No Sharing" guidelines with all food and

    Social/Physical Distancing

    • Schools will attempt to implement strategies for arrival and dismissal to stagger various waves of
    • Classrooms will be organized to allow for 3 feet at times and will also include times when 3 feet is not (Parents should have no expectation that a certain amount of physical distancing will occur.)
    • During at least the first quarter of the school year students will report directly to classrooms when they arrive at
    • Breakfast/Lunch
      • K-6 and K-8
        • Social distancing in the cafeteria requires tables facing one way and students sitting 3 feet apart when
        • Keep students in cohort groups if possible when they use the
      • At Elementary Recess:
        • During lunch recess, classrooms will have designated outside areas to play and a schedule will be developed so that classroom and/or grade level cohorts stay together (as much as possible).
        • It is possible that social distancing will not occur during recess times.
        • Off campus field trips will be Virtual field trips and assemblies will be encouraged as well.


    • During Quarter 1, visitors and volunteers are not permitted on school campuses during the school day when students are mandated by the state of Arizona to be in school. This is subject to revision for Quarter
      • Visitors/volunteers may be allowed per normal District and campus procedures beginning 30 minutes after dismissal and field
    • Front office staff will continue to attempt to conduct all business with the public via Community members are encouraged to conduct business with front offices by scheduling appointments ahead of time.
    • Parents/Guardians of students who attend Community Education Before and After School programs will be permitted to drop off at the designated campus location up until 20 minutes prior to school Parents/Guardians will be permitted to pick up their child(ren) from this program 30 minutes after the final bell.


    • Protocol - Notification of COVID-19 Case to Community - DVUSD will follow the guidelines outlined in ADHS Emergency Measure 2020-03 and notify current staff, faculty, students, and students’ parents and guardians if an outbreak due to COVID-19 occurs within the population of a school within 24 hours of confirming such
    • ADHS defines an outbreak as two or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases among students or staff with onsets within a 14-day period, who are epidemiologically linked, do not share a household, and were not identified as close contacts of each other in another setting during standard case investigation or contact

    ·         Protocol - When a student tests positive for COVID-19:

    • Student should stay at home and not report to Student and parents should follow

    DVUSD COVID-19 reporting procedures.

    • Family will be contacted by a school or District staff member to complete the contact tracing interview protocol.
    • School or district staff member will notify those student(s) or staff who have close contact with the student who tested The school will notify all other students in the class as applicable.
    • Student may return to school after the student meets the requirements set forth by Maricopa County Department of Public Health.
    • (07/21/21 - *Quarantine procedures are under review for possible changes by public health*) Students and staff members who have had close contact with a student or staff member who has tested positive will be notified via a phone call and a letter. A student can be released early from quarantine on Day 8 or after only if the student receives a negative COVID-19 test result beginning on Day 6 of the quarantine or after. In order to do this, the parent must provide proof of the negative result along with the date of the test and the student must be symptom free since the last exposure. (The exceptions to quarantine for being a close contact are the following: 1) the student is fully vaccinated (14 days past the final dose and proof can be provided) and symptom free and 2) if a student has been COVID- 19 positive in the last 90 days and proof can be shown. The student must be symptom free as ) DVUSD is required by law to follow quarantine protocols due to ARS 36-788. DVUSD will follow other exemptions as they evolve and are outlined in MCDPH quarantine guidance.

    On Friday, July 30, 2021 we will hold our campus "Meet the Teacher" Open House event from 2:00-5:00 p.m. This event has been planned to help with COVID Social/Physical Safety. Teacher will be available in their classrooms to introduce themselves to families and share grade level/classroom information. We ask that only Greenbrier students and parents attend this event to help with social distancing. Please contact your child's teacher if you have specific questions related to your child.

    This year, DVUSD is offering an optional Protection Plan for families of 4-6th graders utilizing take home devices (i.e. Chromebooks) Enrollment is optional with the understanding that if students/parents do not enroll in the protection plan, they carry full liability for student devices in the same manner you would for other damaged or lost school property. Registration for the Device Protection Plan can be found on our Greenbrier Website.

    Students will be dismissed from campus using our carline procedures for students that are not walkers, bike or bus riders. Carline dismissal occurs via the south parking lot. If you need a carline number or replacement placard, please stop by the office during "Meet the Teacher". (Social Distancing will be utilized)

    ONLY Kindergarten students with NO SIBLINGS, Preschool, Daycare, and bike riders are to use the North Parking lot. Those students that actually walk home from campus may also use the north dismissal area.

    Please DO NOT use the North parking lot if your student does not meet the above criteria. We are working to ensure social distancing as well as encouraging honesty and following school procedures with students. If you use the North parking lot and you do not meet the criteria, you are placing your student at risk as well as creating an issue with honesty. Carline moves efficiently after the first several days of school. Carline provides safety, keeps students out of the weather, and ensures that students follow campus procedures. Arrival procedures follow the same process as dismissal.

    You have been provided with a lot of information with this communication. Please contact the school office if you have further questions.

    Your support for our Greenbrier Staff as well as with your child will help ensure that we have safe and successful school year!

    Here's to a great 2021-2022 school year!!

    With Regards,


    Jody J. Brammer, Principal

    Greenbrier Elementary School


    cc: Greenbrier Staff