From Ms. Brammer

  • Ms. Jody Brammer- Principal

    Ms. Jody Brammer, Principal

    Dear Greenbrier Parents,

    The new state assessment: Arizona Academic Standards Assessment (AASA) will be given to students (Grades 3-6) at Greenbrier.  For planning purposes, the schedule is being provided to you this month.  If you have students at other schools in Deer Valley, schedules may vary due to the flexibility in allowing schools to create their schedules to meet the needs of each campus within a given testing window.

    Please ensure that students taking the state assessment arrive to school on time, get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and come to school with no distractions during our testing window.

    If you have questions about the assessments your child will take, please contact your child’s teacher. 

    The schedule is as follows:

    AZ Science Test (Gr. 5)

    ® March 30th

    ® 2 sessions (60-90 minutes each)

    AASA WRITING (Grade 3-6)

    ® April 12th (morning session)

    AASA ORF (Grade 3)

    ® April 13th-14th (15 minutes/student - testing throughout both days)

    AASA (Gr. 3-6)

    ® April 19th

    ® Part 1 ELA (45-75 minutes) A.M.

    ® Part 1 Math (60-85 minutes) P.M.

    ® April 20th

    ® Part 2 ELA (45-75 minutes) A.M.

    ® Part 2 Math (60-85 minutes) P.M.

    After 35 years as a teacher and administrator in Deer Valley, I have made the decision not to return to Greenbrier at the conclusion of this school year.  I have enjoyed working in the Deer Valley School District and have loved my time at Greenbrier.   However, I am ready to enjoy more time for myself, my family and my friends.

    My decision to leave is bittersweet but I trust that my legacy will indicate that I have positively impacted the lives of countless students and staff alike.


    Jody J. Brammer

    Jody J. Brammer, Principal

    Greenbrier Elementary School