From Ms. Brammer

  • Ms. Jody Brammer- Principal

    Ms. Jody Brammer, Principal


    November 2021

    Dear Greenbrier Parents,

    You may be wondering what happens on our Early Release days that occur on Fridays. Greenbrier Staff are currently in our 3rd year of Early Release Fridays. We use this time to allow our teachers the opportunity to collaborate, analyze data, identify standards, skills, and discuss students who are in need of re-teaching, enrichment, or an adjustment to pacing. Our K-6 teachers meet on campus during our Early Release Fridays. Each quarter K-6 teachers meet collaboratively with teachers from Highland Lakes and Park Meadows to complete PLC (Professional Learning Communities) work. Our Special Area Staff work collaboratively with their specialty teachers across the district. Our Special Ed teachers work collaboratively with our campus K-6 teachers or with district office Special Education Department.

    This release time is crucial for our teachers to plan, adjust, and continue to prepare for upcoming in- struction and to plan content assessments. This allows our staff to meet the needs of all of our Side-winders. Deer Valley Unified School District was named as a model PLC district in the nation in the Spring of 2021. Our PLC work allows us as a district this time to plan for student growth.

    During First Quarter, we had 28 students in grades 3-6 make Principal's List (All A's) and 78 students in grades 3-6 make Honor Roll (All A's or B's). This is 48% of our students in grades 3-6!! Way to go Sidewinders!

    Stay Healthy!


    Jody J. Brammer

    Jody J. Brammer, Principal Greenbrier Elementary School


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