Advisor - Ms. Chancellor & Ms.Molina 

    Goals of Union Park Student Council



    Leadership - Developing and promoting leadership abilities

    We build students' leadership skills through the conferences we attend each year. We also provide leadership activities during our general council meetings. We discuss leadership and how we can impact the entire Union Park student body and community through our service.


    Diversity - Building awareness, respect, and value for all people

    Every year we support different causes that are determined by the student council members. We have had awareness days for such things as Autism Awareness Day, Heart Healthy Month, Juvenile Diabetes, and much more!  


    School and Community Involvement - Building a partnership between the school and community with service

    This committee works to hold various fundraisers that directly impact our school and community.  We will be selling snacks and refreshments at school home games.


    School Spirit - Creating activities for campus pride and participation

    We plan school spirit days and promote school pride! Go Toros!