• Expectations for Class

    • Students are expected to attend class on time. Of course, there are situations were internet connections may be weak. However, this needs to be communicated with Mr. Harvell either before class (if possible) or after class the day of. 


    • Students are expected to be in frame AT ALL TIMES. This means that cameras must be on. If a student is not in frame, they may be marked absent. 


    • There will be a bell work at the start of class everyday. This should indicate to students that class work begins immediately. 


    • Students MUST turn all work into Canvas unless stated otherwise. If work is not turned into Canvas by the due date, the student will not recieve credit for the assignment. Emailing the assignment after the due date will not count as submission of work.


    Have any additional questions? You can email me at danny.harvell@dvusd.org or you can call me on my Google Voice number at (602) 633-5171. Texting is fine as well. Keep in mind, due to working from home, if you call my classroom number I may not get to it in a timely manner. 





    Below you will find the Zoom links that we use to gain access to class. Period one is English 101/102 and the others are English 7-8.


    Period 1:

    https://dvusd-org.zoom.us/j/89621185952 (Links to an external site.)

    Meeting ID: 896 2118 5952
    Passcode: ZYRM87


    Period 2:

    https://dvusd-org.zoom.us/j/81825885961 (Links to an external site.)

    Meeting ID: 818 2588 5961
    Passcode: JyZmn5


    Period 3: https://dvusd-org.zoom.us/j/86943601010 (Links to an external site.)

    Meeting ID: 869 4360 1010
    Passcode: n5MENr

    Period 4:  https://dvusd-org.zoom.us/j/89812600282 (Links to an external site.)

    Meeting ID: 898 1260 0282
    Passcode: 719228

    Period 7:

    https://dvusd-org.zoom.us/j/88950330311 (Links to an external site.)

    Meeting ID: 889 5033 0311
    Passcode: 7EWBDx