Welcome to First Grade



    Welcome to First Grade!

    What an adventure your first grader has in front of them!  Now that your child knows all his/her letters and sounds and are reading simple sentences, they will progress to reading more and more sight words, complex sentences and stories. They will be able to tell you all about the fiction and nonfiction stories we read in class and will think deeply about the characters, setting, plot and ideas. Ask them about the stories they are reading and the skills they are learning in our Into Reading reading series.

    In addition, students will be doing lots of writing and will share their ideas and writing with the rest of class. Not only will they be writing narratives and informative pieces, students will also be doing research. Watch for their finished products in publication form.

    First graders will be adding and subtracting and reasoning through math word problems. They will also work on measurement and geometry. First graders will participate in RTI so that they can brush up on skills with their peers in small groups. Throughout the day, the students will have the opportunity to work independently, as a whole group and in small groups.

    Each classroom uses a clip chart to monitor student behavior. Students will have the opportunity to clip up for behaviors such as following directions right away, staying on task, being kind and respectful, and accountable. Students may clip down for behaviors that include being disruptive, off task, and not following directions. We also use the behavior program "BoysTown" to allow students the opportunity to learn new skills that build relationships with peers and adults, communication techniques, and self-regulation. 

    We are sure you saw your child grow so much in kindergarten.  We can't wait until you see more growth this year.  We are looking forward to a great year!

    Look for specific information to be sent on Class Dojo.