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  • 9/10/20 - Return to Learning Announcement

    The Deer Valley Online Learning Program (DVOLP) has been recognized both locally and nationally for successful flexible learning options and online and blended student achievement in recent years. DVOLP has offered online learning options for middle school and high school students since 2007 and the program now offers online options K-12 starting in the 2020-2021 school year. With this new expansion in grades, our newest program - Deer Valley Online Academy (K-8) - was created! 

    Over the past six years, DVOLP expanded to what it is today. The program has historically served 20 campuses throughout the district providing online programming to about 3,000 families each year over the course of the school year and summer terms.

    Now online learning gives families on all 39 campuses choice as they make decisions about return to learning options and beyond.

    Read more about our state approved Arizona Online Instruction program in Deer Valley Unified School District.