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  • Registration is now CLOSED

    Courses Start in Canvas August 3rd, 2020

    9th - 12th student requests to move from home campus to full-time online closes Friday, August 7th

    Important Dates 

How do I know if I have registered successfully?

  • 1.  Once registration has been completed print and/or save your receipt & confirmation page with order details as your Order Confirmation.

    2.  Make sure you have submitted your Online Student Contract.

    3.  If you do not receive a Welcome email from the teacher and/or the program by August 4th, then you may not have completed the registration process.  Email online@dvusd.org right away so we can help you. 

District Devices

  • District devices will be available for check out from each student's home campus school during the week of July 27th. Specific pick up dates and times will be communicated from the home school.

Required Online Student Contract

Watch the instructional videos on how to register for courses:

Registering a K-6 Grade Student for Deer Valley Online Academy

Registering a Middle School Student for Deer Valley Online Academy

Registering a High School Student for Deer Valley Online Academy (full-time)

Registering a High School Student for the Deer Valley Online Learning Program (part-time)

  • Registration Steps

    • 9th -12th Grade students must register each semester within the registration window
    • Kinder-8th Grade Students will register once for the school year 
    • If you are registering more than one student, you will need to make separate accounts for each studentUse your DVUSD school username when registering in GoSignMeUp.

    1. Register and select online courses on the registration website during the registration window. If you are an incoming freshman, you will select your incoming high school and grade level when registering an account. Returning students to the registration process do not have to create a new account in GoSignMeUp. Please use your prior account information to enroll in courses.

    2. Print, sign, and submit the required Online Student Contract from this registration page or the Submit Online Student Contract page.

    Student and Parent/Guardian will receive welcome emails from their online teachers prior to classes starting. Students do not have access to their online course in Canvas until the first day of class. Students will not see online courses in PowerSchool until the first day of class.

    High School Students: Pay for online course(s), if needed. A payment of $175 is required when the high school semester course you are selecting is your 7th course after adding your on-campus courses with your online courses. A payment of $175 per semester course is required if you are an out-of-district studentAll high school summer courses require a $175 fee per course.

    Thank you for registering for online courses with the Deer Valley Online Learning Program!