• Aspire, Deer Valley’s Online Academy (K-12) 2021-2022 Enrollment Process



    Families electing to enroll into Aspire, Deer Valley’s Online Academy K-12, will need to complete the open enrollment process and follow the same procedures aligned to the brick and mortar campus.

    Families must select the online school on the digital form using “Deer Valley Online Learning Program” until the new school name is designated and updated in the system.

    Current capacity for the campus has a limited number of openings in each grade level. Once capacity is reached, students will be waitlisted until further openings become available.

    A student/family who elects to transfer out of the online school will be able to enroll into their boundary campus. Students who transfer out of Aspire will not be automatically admitted back into the online school as there are designated caps on enrollment. Ex. If a student transfers to their boundary campus from the online campus, they have relinquished their spot which can be given to another student who has been waitlisted for the program. 




    Aspire 2021-22 Calendar


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