A First Grade Class


    A first grade class is a group of six year olds, none of which look, act, think, behave, talk, or grow in the same way.  Its members are all victims of a magical age during which they pass from five-year-old babies to seven-year-old children. It comes with assorted needs ranging from Kleenex to affection.  It has stars in its eyes and loose teeth in its mouth, questions on its mind and Band-aids on its knees, forgiveness in its heart and peanut butter sandwiches in its lunch.

    A first grade class is able to put more on a teacher's desk during the first minute of school than any other class can accomplish in a full day.  Two bouquets of flowers, a pretty stone, a well used birthday candle, a favorite book, a handmade necklace, three CDs, a frog, a jar of lady bugs, a jar of caterpillars, and last year's bird nest.

    A first grade class is eager to inform its teacher of all the latest developments at home and abroad.  She knows when every member of the family has a birthday, when new arrivals are expected and the big day they arrive.  She must notice every new piece of clothing, be it on the head, feet, or on the center section. 

    A first grade class is fond of Oreos, Walt Disney, animal stories, and tales of how they lost their teeth and the reward gained.  A first grade class spends much time on a teacher's feet, but more time in her thoughts.  It spills paint on her clothes and satisfaction in her soul.  It leaves her exhausted at three o'clock and greets her with a smile at eight o'clock. It brings her noise during the day, and tranquil hours at night.  It takes everything out of her, but gives back more when it leaves a note on her desk written in poor manuscript, but deepest feeling.....I LOVE YOU!!!


    This is why we teach first grade!

     1st Grade Grading Policy for Norterra Canyon


    In DVUSD we use the electronic grade book of Power Schools to share with parents the grades that will be reflected on your student’s report card.  Gradebooks are updated on a weekly basis and every effort is made to record a minimum of one grade per week for each content area.  Grades are not recorded for introductory skills, but are to be an evaluation of academic standards and content mastery.  No single assessment or project can be more than 25% of the total grade. 


    Academic Subject Grade Scale


    Academic Subject Grade




    S-Standards Met


    N-Needs Improvement

    59% & below






    Performance Levels


    Demonstrates above grade level proficiency independently.


    Demonstrates grade level proficiency independently.


    Demonstrates grade level proficiency with support.


    Demonstrates below grade level proficiency with support.


Last Name First Name Phone Number Email
Lepicier Shannon 623.445.8239 Shannon.Lepicier@dvusd.org
Marano Sara 623.445.8243 Sara.Marano@dvusd.org
Roach Robin 623.445.8247 Robin.Roach@dvusd.org
Vasquez Melissa 623.445.8246 Melissa.Vasquez@dvusd.org