• welcome  Welcome to 4th grade! We are going to have an amazing year!

     This year, we are going to deepen our understanding of texts by reading a wide range of high-quality, increasingly challenging literary and informational texts. We will refer to details, determine theme and meaning of words, describe characters, settings and events, compare points of view, and make connections throughout the text and other medias.

     In math, we will focus on computation, problem solving and mathematical thinking. We will use the four operations to solve multi-step word problems, deepen our understanding of place value, compare and order fractions and decimals, solve problems of measurement and data, and classify lines, angles and shapes. 

     In social studies, we will learn about regions and cultures of the Americas from pre-contact Americas to European settlements. We will compare historical periods between past and present, connect different points of view of events, develop and research questions about historical events, and explore how groups of people have impacted the development of the Americas. 

     Using the scientific method, we will complete investigations to better understand Earth's resources and landforms, magnets and electricity, the impact of weather and climate on environments, and how organisms change over time. We will develop questions, collect and analyze data, and form conclusions based on that data. 

     I can't wait to see how much we learn and grow together!