2nd Grade Grading Policy for Norterra Canyon

    In DVUSD we use the electronic grade book of Power Schools to share with parents the grades that will be reflected on your student’s report card.  Gradebooks are updated on a weekly basis and every effort is made to record a minimum of one grade per week for each content area.  Grades are not recorded for introductory skills, but are to be an evaluation of academic standards and content mastery.


    Academic Subject Grade

    Grades are an important guideline to your child’s success in the classroom. Assignments are weighted at the teacher’s discretion. Tests will typically be given more emphasis than classroom assignments but this may vary due to the complexity of the classwork. Example…. A written assignment requiring research, utilizing a thinking map, and going through the writing process, will be weighted heavier than a spelling test. Below is a breakdown of how grades are put in Power Schools.  This is the percentage your child receives on a quiz, test, classroom work, or project.  Grades below 70% can be redone, based on teacher’s discretion.


    Academic Subject Grade Scale

    Academic Subject Grade




    S-Standards Met


    N-Needs Improvement

    59% & below







    Performance Levels

    Below is a breakdown of how performance levels are put in Power Schools.  This is your child’s performance ability (working independently or needing support) on quizzes, tests, or projects. Students demonstrating grade level proficiency independently is ultimately where most children will be at, receiving a “3”.  Students who have been identified as “gifted” and walk up to another grade level for a ELA or Math, receive a “4”.


    Performance Levels


    Demonstrates above grade level proficiency independently.


    Demonstrates grade level proficiency independently.


    Demonstrates grade level proficiency with support.


    Demonstrates below grade level proficiency with support.



Last Name First Name Phone Number Email
Bussiere Michelle 623.445.8250 Michelle.Bussiere@dvusd.org
Gaydos Lynette 623.445.8244 Lynette.Gaydos@dvusd.org
Kujan Whitney 623.445.8249 Whitney.Kujan@dvusd.org